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Derrick Murphy aka D. Murph is someone who has always been a vocal leader since he remembers. From his days as the captain of his basketball teams to his leadership positions in the corporate world, Derrick has used sports as a way to bring people together for one common goal. After years of not being able to display his creative side in the workforce, Derrick got tired of being sick and tired and wanted to see a major change. Later, all his life experiences from sports to the real world started making sense and that’s when his award winning podcast WhyNotSports was born. He talks about the good, bad and ugly of sports and how it impacts your everyday life.

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The Podcasts

Episode 24 of WhyNotSports which is Murph’s favorite number, Murph had his father on the podcast to talk about his absence and how sports filled that void until adulthood.
Flagrant 2 w/ D. Murph is when Murph takes time away from the sports mindset and provide an open forum for guest to tell their story without no restrictions 

Due to the feedback of this episode, non-sports fan believed Murph could venture out and bring more content with an uplifting message and still keep his sports show separate!! It seems like the people were right, Flagrant 2 w/ D. Murph has arrived. Flagrant 2 is a podcast where it’s an open forum for guest to tell their story without no restrictions! 

Recent guests and events

  • Derrick with Diversity award 2021
  • Derrick and Brandon Armstrong
  • Derrick and Big Roy
  • Derrick and Michael Brockers
  • Derrick with Mark Henry and Quincy L. Carter
  • Derrick with CEO of Eric Thomas
  • Derrick Murphy - 2019 Podcaster of the Year Recipient
  • Derrick with NBA Guards - De’Aaron Fox & Malik Monk
  • Derrick with Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mike Evans
  • Derrick with Adrian Peterson
  • Derrick and Stefanie Dolson
  • Derrick with Leon Robinson
  • Derrick and DJ Whutever
  • Derrick Murphy, Miss Indiana, Miss USA


The Book

front book cover

How Podcasting Helped Me Get My Groove Back: It’s More Than Just A Mic: 

The book came about when he had a supporter tell him to introduce myself to the world in book form to explain some of the trials and tribulations of a kid growing up with a teenage mom and a father that wasn’t physically present. Sports was the only thing that would keep him focused and after his career was over and his 1st marriage failed….He wanted to find something related to sports that will provide the same excited as he played and find similar success outside the court including solid relationships….This book explains life a successful athlete to being almost forgotten to how podcasting open up dream opportunities!!

Awards & Collaborations


2022 40 under 40 in podcasting – podcast magazine

2021 Best of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Winner – Davey Awards

2020 Top 50 Dads in Podcasting – Podcast Magazine

2019 SpeakerCon Podcaster of the Year


Influential Leaders

  • Miss Indiana USA – A’Niyah Birdsong
  • Grammy Award Winner- Bowlegged Lou from Full Force
  • NBA Impersonator – Brandon Armstrong aka BDot
  • Heisman Trophy Winner & NBA Vet – Charlie Ward
  • President of Eric Thomas & Associates – C.J. Quinney 
  • Curator of HungryFan – Daina Falk
  • Platinum Recording Hip Hop Artist – DC The Brain Supreme
  • Olympic Medaled Athlete – Debi Thomas
  • Sports Agent – Ms. Dominique Stapleton
  • USA Gold Medalist Coach & Mental Health Advocate – Joanne “Coach P” McCallie
  • Mr. NBA Twitter – Josiah Johnson
  • Fantasy Football Analyst/Sports Writer – Lauren Carpenter
  • Actor- Leon Robinson
  • Comedian – Maddy Smith
  • Men’s Professional Team Owner – R.J. White
  • Legendary Sports Journalist – Robert “Scoop” Jackson
  • Award Winning Writer & Executive Producer of HBO Max hit series, “Winning Time” – Rodney Barnes 
  • OWN’s Network Ready To Love Finalist – Tony Stubbs
  • Actor- William Shewfelt from Power Rangers Ninja Steel Series
  • Grammy Award Winner/Gospel Legend – Yolanda Adams


  • 1st Ballot Hall of Famer – Adrian Peterson
  • SuperBowl Champion- Gary Brackett
  • Detroit Lions DE – Michael Brockers 
  • Tampa Bay Bucs WR- Mike Evans
  • Former NFL QB – Quincy L. Carter
  • Jacksonville Jaguars DE – Roy Robertson-Harris


  • Sacramento Kings – De’Aaron Fox
  • Brooklyn Nets – James Harden

Great Show

This show is great and very informative… I enjoy the energy and the humbleness of the host and all of the guests that have been on the show. Just Awesome!


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